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Only Exception

Pairing: KoyaShige / TegoMass
Genre: Comedy / Angst / Romance/AU
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: We don't own NEWS or Johnny's Entertainment (we wish we do! Lolz.) Please do not publish on any other fan fiction sites. Copyright 2010 by sixpetalblossom community.
Summary: Due to some unavoidable situation Shige was forced to enter university  disguised as a girl with the help of his bestfriend Tegosh whose got personal issues as well. When their paths become intertwined with Koyama and Massu, things start to become a bit complicated.
shigemi_chan and Caserine

( Forewords )

"I'm going to attend university as what?" Shigeaki looked at his parents in disbelief.
His father sighed heavily. "We really are just after your welfare son. After some series of events, things aren't really that safe for our family as of now."
Shigeaki looked at his dad from across the study with anxiety written all over his face. "But Dad attending school as someone else won't be easy much more what you are asking me to do."
"Son yes we know it will be difficult. It's not easy for us too but right now we'll do anything just to make sure no harm would come to you." His mom said asking him to understand.
Shigeaki could only look helplessly at his father who seemed to remain unruffled despite the situation they were in.
"This is just so...I...I can't picture myself doing this. I don't know if I can." Shigeaki struggled to absorb everything that was told him.
Shigeaki Kato thought that given his status in life he had gotten used to unusual situations arising in his family. He was just a normal 20 year old guy who lives life like any typical guy his age. He was going into his sophomore year taking law at one of the top universities in Tokyo. He was considerably a smart guy but just a student nevertheless.
What makes him standout from everyone is his family background though. He was the only son of Teruo Kato, a very prominent judge ranked amongst the top in Japan's judicial system.  He was well known for taking on the most controversial and high-profile cases.
Shigeaki's father has been in the government even since before he was born so he had been used to his way of life. He's been used to seeing his dad deal with a variety of national issues and public concern.
That was probably what even prompted him to attend law school in the first place. This is the life he knew.
"So starting this semester I'll be attending university as Shigemi Kato...I would have to transform myself as a girl to go to school." Shige said as if saying it would change anything.
"Everyone knows I have an only son there is no secret in that." His father looked at him earnestly. "You've been exposed to a lot of activities and events with me in the past for them not to be familiar with you."
"They know I have a son so they won't be expecting to be looking around for a girl." His father added.
Shige pursed his lips. He knew his father was right. He wasn't totally anonymous counting the times his family was in the news, on TV and even newspapers and magazines.
A few weeks back his father had closed a case trial that had ran for months. It was a high profile case involving a Yakuza leader from a very prominent clan. The case was a very tedious and controversial one that involved a lot of heavy accusations that run deep in the system. The trial was well publicized and was followed closely on media.
Shige's father then dropped the much awaited verdict and declared the accused guilty leading to lifetime imprisonment. Judge Kato was well applauded for his superb judgment but at the same time has earned the wrath of the rest of the clan who are now after him with revenge.
His father had received various threats. At first it only involved him which even included an ambush plot that didn't materialize since it was discovered by the police in time. He was able to deal with it knowing that his work does include risks.
But when the threat had extended to his family he knew he couldn’t just let then pass and he had to take action.
"Why can't you just send me to study overseas then? Go to some boarding school in an obscure location. They won't find me there." Shige suggested thinking there should be another way.
His father shook his head and tried to smile. "I won't be able to protect you there. At least here in Japan I could still use the system to protect you but I'm afraid that once you go out there won't be much that I can do."
"And I can't send you out with a bunch of bodyguards hovering around you. That would be putting even more attention to you." His father added leaving Shige with no other option.
Shige couldn't believe he was resigning to such fate. "Tell me how can this work?"
"Your father is friends with the president of the university you're transferring to." His mother explained. "He will help us and he’ll make sure no one will find out."

Shige didn’t speak his expression unreadable. He wanted to protest, to say he won’t resign to such fate. He knew his parents meant well after all they were only after his well-being. He knew there was no other way around his situation unless he thinks of another viable solution which at the moment he wasn’t succeeding.

“Shige honey just please say you’ll do it.” His mother said sounding almost pleading.

Shige looked at both his parents intently. Over the years they’ve tried to be the best parents they could manage to be. They’ve only always just want what’s best for him and he knew this time it wasn’t any different.

Shige just gave a heavy sigh. “I’ll do it…if this is really the only way we’ll be safe I’ll do it. I just really hope this works.”


“Really you’re transferring to my university? Why so suddenly?” Tegoshi was looking at Shige with obvious surprise.

“My parents think it’s a good move. They say I’m much better off in Meiji than I am in Aoyama.” Shige said casually.

Tegoshi looked at Shige dubiously. “You’re saying Meiji is better than Aoyama?”

Shige nodded. “Apparently so. That’s what they say.”

Tegoshi  laughed. “Shige come on we all know that not true. Not that I’m saying that my school is no good but compared to yours…you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Shige had known Tegoshi Yuya for as long as he could remember. They lived in the same neighborhood and have practically grown up together. Their mothers were good friends as well.

Tegoshi laid his hand on Shige’s shoulder. “I don’t really know what you and your parents are up to but if you’re really are going to Meiji now, I’m glad we’ll be schoolmates.”

There was nothing that Shige doesn’t tell Tegoshi and he was now wondering how he was going to tell him about his predicament.

“What exactly are we doing here?”  Tegoshi asked in wonder as they entered Shibuya 109.

“Err…I just need to buy a few stuff.” Shige said a bit awkwardly.

Tegoshi looked at him curiously. “A few stuff? You sure we’ll find those here?”

Shige nodded. “Yup this is the right place.”

As soon as they entered the establishment the two boys eyes widened with amazement. Never had they imagined a place to carry tons of women’s stuff as many as there are imaginable in the world.

“Oh my, this is like being sucked into the twilight zone.” Tegoshi said as he looked in awe at the things around him.

Shige didn’t speak but instead walked to a cosmetic shop with Tegoshi walking right behind him.

“Do people actually use this stuff?”  Tegoshi wondered out loud as he picked up a tube of seaweed moisturizer.

Usually Shige would answer back with a witty rebuttal so when he didn’t hear any, Tegoshi quickly glanced at his friend. He found him intently looking at two types of foundation with a crease on his forehead as if he was seriously considering the items in his hand.

Tegoshi  decided not to comment but instead decided to observe his friend for a while. He watched him as he dropped both foundation in a tray, took a few lip glosses, a number of nail polishes, some blushers, and various type of make-up.

“Shige…”Tegoshi called his friend’s attention when he’s seen enough. “What’s going on? What in the world are you doing with all those stuff?”

Shige felt self-conscious and felt his cheeks heating up.

Tegishi’s eyebrows knitted. “There’s something you’re not telling me is there? Shige don’t tell me you’ve already got yourself a girlfriend and you’re getting all this stuff for her?  You who doesn’t have any interest in getting into a relationship has finally hooked up with somebody and you’re not telling me?!”

Shige was caught by surprise by Tegoshi’s theory. He wanted to laugh at his friend’s hunch if only he wasn’t in a laughable situation himself. His friend knows he off all people was most skeptical about things such as love and relationship. It’s not really that he hadn’t gone out but the idea of getting in a relationship and being committed with someone is something he wasn’t too eager about. Shige thought there were much better things he could do other than that.

“Umm…yeah there’s a girl.” Shige said surprising his friend even more with his answer.

Tegoshi’s eyes widened. “Shige seriously? Where’ is she, how come I haven’t seen or met her?”

“She’s here…” Shige doesn’t even know how to start telling Tegoshi.

“Here where? Why don’t introduce me to her?” Tegoshi said enthusiastically.

Shige shook his head slightly. “No not here, here. I mean she’s here with me…inside me.”

Tegoshi raised an eyebrow. “Inside you? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Shige was now at lost as to how to fully explain. “Inside me, me, I’m her.”

Tegoshi was now looking at Shige in a way as if he had grown horns. “Shige, are you sick? What are you even saying…” Tegoshi suddenly covered his mouth with his hand as if realization struck him. “Oh no…don’t tell me…you’re…you’re gay?!”

“No, no, no! Shige was now shaking his head violently. “Come on let me pay for these and we’ll go somewhere where we can talk more privately and I’ll tell you.”

Thirty minutes later, Tegoshi was once again staring at Shige with his mouth hanging wide-open as they sat on a booth in a café. He was looking at his friend in disbelief as he couldn’t even begin to absorb what he’d just been told.

“Shige how will you ever manage doing that? It wouldn’t be easy,” Tegoshi said with concern.

“That’s why I need your help Tesshi. We’ll be together most of the time so please just assist me anyway you can. I have to make sure no one blows up my cover.”Shige asked of his friend.

“Of course I’ll help you. You don’t even need to ask” Came Tegoshi’s ready answer. “We’ll make this work Shige don’t worry.”

“Thank you Tesshi. I don’t even know what will happen to me, I just hope I’ll manage to pull this through.” Shige said sounding worried.

“Well Shige, if you’re going to be a girl just make up won’t be enough! “Tegoshi was once again filled with enthusiasm. “After our coffee, we need to go shopping for clothes Shige!”

“I don’t even know what I should be buying!” Shige protested.

“Leave that to me. I know a few stuff about that.” Tegoshi said proudly.

It was Shige’s turn to look at Tegoshi with raised eyebrows. “I wonder where your ideas come from.”
Tegoshi just smiled. Somehow Shige felt lighter and his troubles less burdensome now that he’s already told Tegoshi. It suddenly felt that he could actually do it.

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