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Only Exception

Pairing: KoyaShige / TegoMass
Genre: Comedy / Angst / Romance/AU
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: We don't own NEWS or Johnny's Entertainment (we wish we do! Lolz.) Please do not publish on any other fan fiction sites. Copyright 2010 by sixpetalblossom community.
Shigemi_chan and Caserine

You're the only exception …” 

They say love knows no boundaries. Well, only when you least expect it that you'll soon find yourself being drawn to it. Certain situations bring something more to that kind of unprecedented love. Would you reject it or endure it? 

Shigeaki Kato and Tegoshi Yuya were the best of friends. Well, sort of a friends-forever type of bond. No one knows exactly why these two were inseparable. Shigeaki Kato was just an average guy, leading a life just as society expects someone of his stature to. Tegoshi Yuya is someone who never tends to give up no matter what, his determination admirable. Seeing these two together, would make us think that they have nothing in common. 

Koyama Keiichiro knows only of one word in his vocabulary, “soccer.” Amusing to some but arrogant to most. But there is a side of him he himself was yet to discover. On the other hand, Masuda Takahisa, Keiichiro's bestfriend lived almost half of his life enduring pain and loneliness. Being amusing and energetic, Massuda hides his emotions deep within his soul.  

Now what happens when these 4 strangers meet? Would something good come out of them after meeting each other? Would they run away from love or endure it?  

This is a story written separately by two different authors posting a piece of the story as it progress. Two stories intertwined in one big picture. 

Have fun reading! ^_^

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